What is Ascension by Brihas Ishaya

The first question that many visiting this site may be asking is ‘What is Ascension?’ There are some wonderful articles by MSI that can provide a deeper understanding, and this is only a brief overview of the practice.

The Ishaya’s Ascension is a deceptively simple process that is designed to take your awareness to its Source. These words will most likely have a different meaning for every individual who reads them and therein lays the true beauty of Ascension. This practice is not a belief system and ‘Who’ or ‘What’ is representative of that Source is your decision.

We suggest using a word with only positive connotations for you, but the Source of All That Is will never be impressed by the most profound nor offended by the most profane, so it is always your choice. We call it The Ascendant.

As a practice, the Ishaya’s Ascension is a series of mechanical techniques that utilize the natural movements of the mind to propel consciousness beyond the imprints of past experiences which can often lead to a life that feels defined by its seeming limitations, rather than by its infinite possibilities. While we cannot change the past, it is possible to change our relationship with it.

By repeatedly taking our awareness back to its Source, the deep seated beliefs that result from past negative experiences begin to change for the better and as those perceptions change, life can be increasingly lived in harmony with every worldly experience.

This doesn’t mean that life will be free of challenges, but as consciousness expands, it becomes clearer and clearer that joy, peace and serenity are experiences not events. It all happens on the inside and Ascension is simply a way to take you there .

It is often perceived as difficult to let go of old thought patterns, but it is actually the most natural thing in the world if you simply replace the thoughts that do not serve, with those that do. The Ishaya call these new thoughts Ascension Attitudes. These are not affirmations because they are not statements of how we would like things to be, but rather statements that come from the highest degree of Enlightenment and reflect the True Nature of What Is.

There are 27 Ascension Attitudes that are grouped into seven Spheres. Each of the first five Spheres have four Attitudes that are rooted in Praise, Gratitude, Love and Direct Cognition. Initial instruction begins with the four techniques of the First Sphere and is usually taught in a weekend format. After that Attitudes are taught individually and it is possible to learn the next sixteen in rapid succession if the student is progressing smoothly. The advanced techniques are available for those who desire growth above all else.

If you have read this with interest… you may have found a way home. Welcome.