The One by MSI

The One is the Ascendant. There is no difference. When you call it the One, though, then you mean, One without a second. You mean the root of everything that is. You mean the One source and goal of all life. The One is the root of everything. It’s the basis of all that is.

It causes the stars to shine. It causes natural law to function. It causes life to be. Without the One, there would be nothing. The One is everything. The One is the absolute root of everything that is, and it’s so solidly One, ha-ha!

It’s so unified, you know? It’s the same wherever you tap into it, wherever you are in the universe, wherever you are in evolution, the One remains the same: unbounded, pure, eternal, infinite. The One is everything.

We look out and seem to see a world of diversity in which there’s lots of contrast, lots of different impulses, lots of different people, but the reality is, they’re all connected in the One. They’re all the same. They’re all identical. And since that’s so, the ability to touch and know the One anywhere in space or time is there. Anyone, anywhere, always, can know it, regardless how jaded the nervous system has become.

The One underlies every thought, every feeling, and every action. Every impulse of creation consists of nothing other than the One. So wherever one is in creation, one can tap into it, regardless of how it might feel, even if the feeling is like life has been ruined or whatever. It’s just a feeling.

The fact is the One is always the same, it will never let you down, it will never disappoint you, and it will never pull you out of yourself. The One will always give you everything. It’s simply a matter of getting out of the way and letting its power manifest for you.

The One is the greatest concept of the human mind. Indeed, it is the greatest reality in the human mind. It is the ultimate vision of every philosophy, of every religion, of every science. And the true beauty of it – any human can experience it at any time. It’s not difficult to do.

When one knows the One, one knows everything there is to know. When one knows the One, one has mastered creation. There is nothing more one need do. So looked at in those terms, life is very simple. Instead of focusing on the diversity and a lot of confusion, focus on the One unchanging. Life becomes very simple, very easy, and changes very quickly from addiction to the boundaries to freedom, eternal freedom. The One is everything.

There are many names for it, but it’s One.