Tips for Advanced Ascenders

Find below some helpful hints to assist in answering frequently asked questions:

  1. One of the most commonly misunderstood points of practicing Ascension is that sometimes there are MANY thoughts. Though this may feel uncomfortable at times, please remember that this is a good sign that Ascension is working for you. The many thoughts are a by-product of the way the mind experiences stress release. Please don’t be discouraged by this, it is completely normal and will pass. As long as you continue ascending, afterwards you will usually experience a deeper, smoother and more silent Ascension. Remember, the mind does not like to be forced into submission – stress release takes the form of thoughts, so this is a great sign of progress. Don’t give up! Thoughts are a natural part of life, thoughts are a natural part of Ascension. Sometimes there are many, sometimes there are few. Ascension constantly changes. In Ascension we never try to keep other thoughts out, thoughts are a necessary part of Ascension. Using the attitude with thought, the mind experiences deeper levels of thinking. In every case, the instructions are the same: we never push thoughts away.
  1. It is necessary to make a commitment of time and practice during the course and afterwards. (Ascension is powerful but subtle. It may take a few days, or even weeks of regular practice to notice the obvious benefits overtaking your life.)
  1. Ascension works if we are completely innocent with it. Believing in it is not necessary, nor is it necessary to expect or desire a specific kind of experience when we are ascending. In fact any kind of prejudicing the mind in this way is counter-productive to the innocent inward movement of the mind.
  1. Ascension requires no effort! Forcing Ascension is contrary to the goal, which is relaxing the mind and the body to achieve permanent removal of stress and permanent expansion of the mind to greater Consciousness. We never try to Ascend. This process is so simple and natural, it can easily be discounted and should therefore be experienced in the presence of a qualified teacher as often as desired to receive direct feedback.
  1. In our First Sphere course we always mention that comfort is key. It is not necessary to sit in a lotus position or even to sit upright. However, if you find this helpful and easy, it is okay. If by reclining you find you are constantly falling asleep, instead of Ascending, you may want to sit instead.
  1. Some Ascenders also enjoy other ancillary practices to enhance Ascension. Here is a chart explaining the Sun Salute, or Surya Namaskar. You may find that doing sun salutes prior to your Ascension help to settle the mind, and clear the subtle body channels, also called chakras.
  1. Also very helpful if one is feeling anxiety or stress prior to Ascension, is a simple breathing technique. Use your favorites, or you can also use the one we describe HERE.
  1. Remember to ascend with eyes open as often as you can remember, as this will reduce incoming stress from your daily life. This will likely reduce the amount of thoughts with your closed-eye Ascension. Ascending with your eyes closed for twenty minutes three times each day, will in short order change the quality of your life.
  1. Ascension is simple and natural and will work for us if we just give it the chance. It enables us to let whatever happens naturally happen in Ascension and in life itself. Since it requires no effort, thoughts will never slow or even stop Ascension.