The Teaching

The potential of the human is infinite. We were created in the likeness of our infinite Creator and also possess the power of infinite creativity. When we live from a fear-based perspective, we create limitations which shadow our true nature. These limitations are rooted in four fundamental stresses of our modern day life, which are directly addressed and healed in the Ishaya’s First Sphere Course.

The Ishayas’ Ascension

Is a simple, profoundly effective way to rise immediately and permanently beyond the stress of self-limiting belief. Based on appreciation, gratitude and love, this technique gently redirects our attention away from problem-oriented thinking back to the deepest truth of our being —unconditional love and gratitude— the natural and fearless state of our Immortal Soul. With the help of these techniques, we can easily clear out past beliefs and behaviors which inhibit full mental and physical conditioning.

It is an easy and natural technique that is normally practiced for about 20 minutes, two or three times a day with the eyes closed — like meditation or contemplative prayer. It is also used in a simple way with the eyes opened throughout the day as we actively participate in life. The ability to use such a powerful technique brings peace of mind and mental stability into every aspect of our lives. By focus on the four root stresses, we can swiftly and easily erase the past — mostly without notice — and bring our awareness onto the only beneficial choice for our attention of Living in the Now.

Through the regular practice of the Ishayas’ Ascension, we rest deeper and deeper in our true nature, thereby coming to realize we are complete and perfect — exactly as we are. By connecting to the stillness within, we move beyond our searching habit and discover greater depths of lasting peace, contentment and serenity.

The Benefits

Are many and too numerous to list here. All are by-products of turning our attention to the deepest truth of our being. The techniques of the Ishayas are an effortless, 100% reliable way to do this. With regular practice, all stress and self-limiting programs are systematically erased from our nervous system. This allows us to respond to life’s challenging situations with grace and ease.

The Ishayas’ Ascension is a gentle way to help us go beyond our false beliefs, fears and mental conditioning, so that we may experience the fullness of peace and joy, which is our natural state. More and more, as we chose the deepest truth of our being over the mind’s problem-oriented thinking, latent talents and creativity begin to emerge and life is lived in freedom — effortlessly. With the dissolution of stress from the nervous system, we begin to see the true gift of the Ishayas’ Ascension: heart and mind coming into alignment, revealing the always, already present reality of Enlightenment and Self-Realization.

How to Learn This

The First Sphere Course is usually presented in a weekend format. There is a one-time cost of $300 for the First Sphere. After taking the course for the first time, subsequent attendance at any First Sphere is available to you without cost. You can attend a free Introductory Talk prior to taking the First Sphere, where you can learn about Ascension and meets the teachers. First Sphere courses are offered in many locations. Arrangements can also be made to set up a course in your area. See the calendar for more information.

How it Works

Ascension is a process using mechanical techniques that utilize the natural tendency of the mind to seek greater and greater happiness at deep levels of awareness. The mind is charmed and therefore fulfilled, causing the body to seek the same experience. Deep rest is required for much needed healing. Now the body is a refined instrument of consciousness and can function as designed. As a harmonic unit, the coherence established becomes a permanent state, rooted in unchanging contentment.


This corrects the fundamental stress of the modern word that something is wrong with the individual life. This attitude by itself is sufficient to generate full enlightenment, but with most individual’s lifelong habits of strain and divided mind, more techniques will usually be required to perfect growth. Nevertheless the first attitude is sufficient enough unto itself and will usually prove the most useful for forming the grossest levels of belief and judgment about life. This attitude above all others can be used any time of the day or night when it seems that the individual life is not progressing as well as it could.


It is similar in power for transforming the root stresses of modern life. The focus here moves from the former subjective point of view to the objective world. This technique is designed to cure all erroneous beliefs and concepts about the body and the external Universe. It is the master key for unlocking beliefs in the limitations of the body, sickness and death. It is also the first stage in mastery of the outer world. It is invaluable for healing disease of any kind.


For many it is the sweetest of the first three attitudes. It is designed to heal all the misconceptions about our relationships with the Source of Life Itself. Together the first three techniques are capable of removing all beliefs and judgments about the limited nature of the three primary divisions of human life: subjective, objective and spiritual. These three attitudes together are sufficient for anyone to climb to enlightenment. Further techniques are available for greater acceleration.


The fourth technique clarifies the relationship to the individual with all other human beings and animals. Invincibility in human life is the result of mastery of consciousness: this is based in harmlessness, a term ancient literature that is called Ahimsa, mastery of which means that no creatures ever have enmity toward you or will ever harm you. This is developed by true compassion, which is an automatic by-product of this technique. Universal Compassion is the requirement for enlightenment from the standpoint of the Ascendant. Only those who have proven they will not abuse their power are given the Key to the Door of Everything.

As the body decreases in stress and the mind increases in clarity as a result of regular Ascension, the desire will naturally grow to learn ever more powerful and subtle techniques. Each sphere is greater than the preceding; each is more subtle and powerful than the one before. They make a spiral of increasing experience, perception and knowledge. One function of the Advanced Spheres is to develop the subtle energy centers in the body known in the ancient literature as the chakras; in the west — wheels of fire. The chakras are scattered like so many jewels along the spine, starting at the base and rising to the crown of the head. Development of each of these seven energy centers is required to bring about full enlightenment. Ascension provides an effortless and highly effective method for accomplishing this. The chakras connect our consciousness with our bodies.

In the waking state, the mind experiences chaos. Each day 60,000 to 120,000 thoughts race through our minds — many of them mutually contradictory — many of them desiring the impossible or the useless. As the physical body attempts to respond to these chaotic thoughts, the impossibility of doing this causes sickness, failure of the organs, aging and eventually death. Most of our mental energy is literally thrown away every day in this destructive manner.

Once the mind is free from the source of these thoughts, the energy of complete consciousness rises up the spine, enlivening the seven chakras, resulting in inner silence, perfect awareness of the Ascendant in complete, permanent bliss.