Yoga Sun Salutes

These instructions are for Ascenders who have already been taught the proper way to do the exercise. These are not an exercise program – anyone with any medical condition should consult their physician. The salute to the Sun exercises all major muscles and joints, and helps you establish a state of calm as you begin and end your day. Center yourself before you begin (i.e., think an attitude.) Stretch slowly and be careful not to strain. Repeat the whole exercise several times alternating legs for better results. We recommend working up to at least 12 Sun Salutes (six each side.) Enjoy!

Prayer (if desired)
“May the adorable glory of the Radiant Savitr illumine my intellect.”


1. Feet naturally apart (shoulder stance), hands together, breathing naturally.
2. Stretching upward and backward, breathing in.
3. Bending down to touch toes or floor, breathing out.
4. Left leg moves backward; arch back and look upward, breathing in.
5. Right leg joins left, feet together. Back flexes into pike position, breathing out. Press heals toward floor.
6. Push-up position, continuing to breathe out.
7. Back arches upward again; look upward breathing in.
8. Returning to pike position, breathing out.
9. Left leg moves back under body; arch back and look upward, breathing in.
10. Right leg moves up; return to toe touch, breathing out.
11. Return to position #2, breathing in.
12. Return to position #1, breathing out.

The above is one Sun Salute; to complete a set of two, repeat the above substituting the right leg in positions #4 and #9. It is important to end with the corpse position. This means lie on your back, feet apart slightly, palms to the side and facing up. Wait for pulse and breath to return to normal, about two minutes (at least.) Start easily, but try to work up to 12 Sun Salutes (6 sets) twice a day.