Five Spheres of Ascension Attitudes by Aramati Ishaya

If you are just now being introduced to this teaching, Welcome Home!

These twenty attitudes, four of which are taught on the First Sphere weekend, are the keys to the Nature of Reality. Many yearn to know the mystery of life. That desire lies deep in the soul of mankind. Perhaps its blueprint constitutes our astrological alignments at birth, and its corresponding seeds found in the strands of the tightly bound DNA of every cell. It takes a lot of energy to hold back this questioning and the eventual answers. Yet we manage with lots of distractions or perhaps various choices for anesthetics, numbed out to the call.

This tradition has been in place for eons of time, and has been passed on verbally from qualified teachers to their students, thus maintaining its purity. Absent from the world for nearly 2000 years it was reintroduced in the 90’s, and is currently taught world-wide and practiced by variegated groups, all with the same purpose; Enlightenment.

Let us explore for a moment the meaning of this now popular word, familiarized by Eastern philosophers and teachers who came to the fertile grounds of the West to share their knowledge of the awakening mind. Enlightenment can be best known by its opposite, ignorance. In this seemingly simple statement one could get an enormous insight to the wisdom of duality and the ensuing battles of the light and dark, vying for our attention.

Usually when an aspirant has enough, sometimes in desperation or crisis, the mind and heart cry out for help. Through that open door, a suitable circumstance, sometimes in the guise of a messenger will deliver that which has been requested, the way out. More aptly put, it is the way in.

One of the requirements for this wisdom and more importantly, this experience, is to be able to have a direct and personal knowing of the Source of everything. All the reading, studying, and efforting in the world will not achieve this for you. It is only by direct cognition that one will KNOW the mysteries. But how do I do that? It is so profoundly easy. The answer was given by a great teacher long ago. “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.”  From the stillness all can be seen, heard, felt, and then known. That is why it is necessary to allow the mind to quiet, so that the very still voice of God may speak these wisdoms. It is never by force that this is accomplished, the mind resists force; therefore a simple, charming, effortless method is mandatory.

Prayer is talking to that source. Meditation is preparing for the answer. In quantum physics it would be called creating the void into which potential will create, as it is merely responding to a natural phenomenon; i.e., nature abhors a vacuum. These basics are discussed on the First Sphere. In Ascension we are using our thoughts to actually create that space.

For those moving quickly and smoothly it is most beneficial to learn the first twenty techniques in rapid sequence from a qualified teacher of Ascension. The effects, though subtle, can be profound. There is no thing mental, physical, or spiritual that can withstand the power of Ascension correctly practiced. The descriptions of the four attitudes of each sphere are taken directly from the book Ascension, written by MSI. (Maharishi Sadashiva Ishaya)

The First Sphere

Ascension is literally a process using mechanical techniques that utilizes the naturally occurring bio-rhythms of the mind and body. Riding the wave of energy of the movement of the mind, we can substitute a new thought that by passes all judgment, habits, programs, and patterns that hold us in a destructive mode. Using the natural tendency of the mind to seek greater and greater happiness, at deep levels of awareness the mind is charmed and therefore fulfilled causing the body to seek the same experience. This deep rest is required for much needed healing. Now the body as a refined instrument of consciousness can function as designed. As a harmonic unit the coherence established becomes a permanent state, rooted in unchanging contentment.

Root Stresses:

By focus on the four stresses of our contemporary world, all of which are named here, we can swiftly and easily erase the past, mostly without notice and bring awareness onto the only true beneficial choice for our attention; this moment, NOW!

The ‘Praise’ Attitude: corrects the fundamental stress of the modern world that something is wrong with the individual life. This attitude by itself is sufficient to generate full enlightenment, but because of most individuals’ life long habit of strain and divided minds, more techniques will usually be required to perfect growth. Nevertheless, the first attitude is sufficient unto itself and will usually prove the most useful for transforming the grossest levels of beliefs and judgments about life. This attitude above all others can be used any time of the day or night when it seems that individual life is not progressing as well as it could.

The Gratitude Attitude: is similar in power for transforming the root stresses of modern life. The focus here moves from the former subjective point of view to the objective world. This technique is designed to cure all erroneous beliefs and concepts about the body and the external Universe. It is the master key for unlocking beliefs in the limitations of the body, sickness, and death. It is also the first stage in mastery of the outer world. As such, it is invaluable for healing disease of any kind and all kinds.

The ‘Love’ Attitude: for many it is the sweetest of the first three attitudes; it is designed to heal all the misconceptions about our relationship with the Source of all itself. Together, the first three techniques are capable of removing all beliefs and judgments about the limited nature of the three primary divisions of human life: subjective, objective and spiritual. These three Attitudes together are sufficient for anyone to climb to enlightenment. Further techniques are for greater acceleration.

The Compassion Attitude: The fourth technique clarifies the relationship to the individual with all other human beings and animals. Invincibility in human life is the result of mastery of consciousness: this is based in harmlessness, a term in ancient literature that is called Ahimsa. Mastery of ahimsa means that no creatures ever have enmity toward you or will ever harm you. This is developed by true compassion, an automatic byproduct of this technique. Universal Compassion is the requirement for enlightenment from the standpoint of the Ascendant. Only those who have proven they will not abuse their power are given the key to the Door of Everything.

As the body decreases in stress and the mind increases in clarity as a result of regular Ascension, the desire will naturally grow to learn ever more powerful and subtle techniques. Each sphere is greater than the preceding: Each is more subtle and more powerful than the one before. They make a spiral of increasing experience, perception and knowledge.

One function of the advanced Spheres is to develop the subtle energy centers in the body known in the ancient literature as the chakras (in the west, “wheels of fire”). The chakras are scattered like so many jewels along the spine, starting at the base and rising to the crown of the head. Development of each of these seven energy centers is required to bring about full enlightenment: Ascension provides an effortless and highly effective method for accomplishing this.

The chakras connect our consciousness with our bodies. In the waking state, the mind experiences chaos. 60,000 to 120,000 thoughts per day race through everyone’s mind, many of them mutually contradictory, many of them desiring the useless or the impossible. The physical body attempts to respond to these chaotic thoughts: The impossibility of doing this causes sickness, failure of the organs, aging and eventually death. Most of our mental energy is literally thrown away every day in this destructive manner. Once the mind is free from the source of these thoughts, the energy of complete consciousness rises up the spine, enlivening each of the seven chakras, resulting in inner silence, perfect awareness of the Ascendant and complete and permanent bliss.

Second Sphere — The Universe

The Solar Attitude: The result of the Solar attitude is to begin to awaken the highest function of human consciousness: Sahasrara, the thousand – petalled lotus of light at the top of the skull – the seventh chakra. Maharishi Patanjali, the author of the Yoga Sutras (circa 3,000 BC) described the result of mastery of the Solar attitude as “knowledge of the Cosmic Regions.” These are the seven planes of existence or light that surround and permeate our Universe of name and form. Mastery of this technique gives complete knowledge of each of these. It is a powerful tool for the development of the highest degree of human enlightenment, Unity consciousness. On death this is where one goes, to the Causal worlds. MSI speaks of it as the Path of the Sages.

The Lunar Attitude: This technique develops the intuitive power of the sixth charka, the “Third Eye,” (Ajna). Mastery of this is complete knowledge of the firmament. Another result of this Attitude is the development of Soma, the glue of the Universe that is responsible for celestial perception, and the second stage of enlightenment, Exalted Consciousness. The moon is called the “vat of soma” because focus on that naturally produces this molecule in the body.

The Earth Attitude: The seventh Technique is designed to facilitate the movement of Awareness, so vital for the development of Unity. It removes the last of the separation between the individual and the Universe; it is the obverse of the Love Ascension Attitude and completes it. It is a protection from all accidents. The Earth Attitude creates a refined level of witnessing, the hallmark of the first level of consciousness, and assists in celestial perception.

The Peace Attitude: The eighth technique establishes Peace with all of relative creation, stabilizing harmlessness. It also effects confirming the most important relationship of all, the Source of everything. In this, the limited self surrenders to the Infinite. This has the effect of stabilizing the only correct relationship with the Infinite: this naturally causes a much faster rate of progress. It is a key to manifesting all desires and dramatically develops celestial perception.

While mastery of the Solar technique leads to clarity of sight, mastery of the Lunar technique produces clarity of subtle hearing, of knowing. Both these openings will facilitate deeper understanding of the infinite.

“He who has ears let him hear.
But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.
For I tell you the truth, many prophets and righteous men
longed to see what you see but did not see it,
and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”
Matthew 13:9 and 13:16, 17

Just the same as in the First Sphere, the Earth technique uses the emotion of love to move and expand awareness from the core of being into every direction of the world and to all realms beyond. This attitude mastered, connects one to the natural laws of the Universe and develops trust, faith, and “heart-mind.”

The attitude of Peace will make clear the saying “Peace that passes understanding.” Stretching awareness from within to the without, is instrumental in this cause. One begins to realize that all creation moves from the silence, and becomes at Peace as an accepting, responsible co-creator of every circumstance perceived.

The Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Spheres do not require further instruction nor re-attendance of the First Sphere, yet we want to encourage you to return to as many courses as you desire. This is all complimentary, as is the time of the teacher who can answer questions from personal experience. Usually students find more understanding from each class session, and the practice of Ascension itself. As we have acknowledged, each sphere is a more powerful yet subtle and deeper delve into your various bodies of expression and perception.

Third Sphere — Body of The Ascendant

Diving even more deeply as we traverse the spiral of Consciousness, one desires to have a working knowledge of That which is sought, more correctly, That which seeks them. By placing awareness on the Transcendent, it becomes better known. Again we tap into a Natural Law. ‘What you focus on grows.’

From that space, awareness can be directed at divine will.

TheBeautyAttitude: The Ninth Attitude bequeaths the experience of the Reality of the most important and emphatic aspect of the Transcendent. It develops Soma and celestial perception.

“Each person recognizes the Lord in his own way,
not all alike.”
Clemens Alexandrinus, Excerpts 23.4

With omniscient eyes, it is possible to see only beauty and perfection inward and then reflected in the manifest.

TheLightAttitude: The Tenth Attitude focuses on the petal that develops perfect intuition. It gives complete knowledge of all that there is to be known.

The refined nervous system is meant to operate more efficiently by utilizing the pituitary, pineal, endocrine and glandular systems of the body rather than the organs that tend to wear out from stress and its resultant diseases. As we begin to reestablish this network, clarity is a by product. Out intellect then is able to discriminate choice from higher sight.

“Or by samyamah on intuition, all.”
Pada III, Sutra 34.

TheStrength’ Attitude: The application of this attitude structures the ability to heal any disease of the aspirant or of anyone else. It also develops celestial perception.

All the healing powers of the infinite await the soul who is directed from Source. This technique is powerful for healing one’s body or that of another. By removing the vestiges of ego, a direct link is established to the healing power of Love. Becoming firm in the Ascendant is a pre requisite to being a true healer.

TheSilenceAttitude: The twelfth Technique stabilizes immovability of Infinite awareness and further establishes the relationship with the Supreme quality of the Ascendant. It has the effect of opening the chakra at the base of the spine, the Muladhara.

By opening the root chakra, the awareness of Stillness that is infinite can be continuous whether sleeping or awake. Moving that silence is a by product of becoming deeply grounded in its essence.

Once the Five Spheres are completed, an advanced technique can be given to further stabilize this knowing.

“When consciousness is attracted toward the joyful moment of stillness,
the impressions that lead to stillness appear.
This is called the Transformation to Stillness.”
Pada III, Sutra 9

Fourth sphere — The Body of Love

TheMasteryAttitude: The thirteenth Technique develops perfect mastery of the body and the world. It complements the eleventh by bringing out the full ability to heal the body. Patanjali said the result of mastering this attitude is complete knowledge of all bodily systems. This develops the navel chakra, the Manipura.

All the subtle physical energy currents, called nadis pass through the navel chakra, thus this power can be utilized to gain knowledge of the inner and outer experience of the world, finally giving up the struggles for a finer acceptance of what is.

“By Samyamah on the navel chakra,
knowledge of the arrangement of the body.”
Pada III, Sutra 30.

ThePowerAttitude: The fourteenth Technique masters desire. In its final development, it bequeaths the ability to manifest the form of all words: anything that is spoken comes to pass. This attitude develops the fifth chakra, Visuddha, located at the base of the throat.

Becoming conscious of desires and more subtle thoughts, one can redirect them and avoid the suffering that need not be.

“For by your words you will be acquitted
and by your words you will be condemned.”
Matthew 7:37

TheCenterAttitude: This attitude develops celestial perception, Exalted Consciousness, and the sixth chakra, Ajna. It develops a refined ability to use the intellect and stabilizes the power of intuition.

In this technique one uses the power of the intellect in its proper manner, to choose for the silent, peaceful, relaxed nature of the Ascendant as opposed to processing and entertaining megabytes of useless information which tires the mind and stresses the body.

“The light of the body is the eye.
If, therefore, thine eye be single,
then thy whole body shall be full of light.”
Mathew 7:22

TheInvincibilityAttitude: The sixteenth Attitude develops the unchanging reality of perfect love. It is the first direct application of Awareness to the all-important fourth chakra, Anahata, the heart chakra. This technique develops the relationship with the power of the Ascendant and the full perception of the most refined qualities of the Ascendant. As such, it is a highly powerful technique of the development of Exalted consciousness.

“By Samyamah on the heart,
full knowledge of consciousness.”
Pada III Sutra 35.

Fifth sphere — Glory

Just when you feel it cannot get better, here is the culmination of all that goes before. It is quite appropriately named.

The most sublime and definitive qualities of the Ascendant (Sat, absolute; chit, consciousness; ananda, bliss) are developed with the use of this sphere of Techniques. Patanjali calls these evolutionary steps little deaths, or yamas. You may see them as letting go, or allowing whatever happens naturally to happen. What dies is merely that which no longer serves the evolving soul, what is born is True Freedom.

The ‘Glory’ Attitude: The 17th attitude further refines the sixth chakra, Ajna. It connects individuality with the perfect essence of Truth.

“By Samyamah on the connection of the body to space
is acquired lightness, like a tuft of cotton and free motion through space.”
Pada III, sutra 43.

Usage can result in freedom from harm in any form, lightness of thought, and the joyfulness of youth.

TheBlissAttitude: The Eighteenth attitude develops full use of the Sushumna and refines the seventh chakra, the Sahasrara. It connects the individual with unbounded joy. Also refined is the development of a firmer relationship with the Path of the Sages, the Solar path. The deeper understanding of abundance and the nature of its source is enriched with the use of this attitude.

TheLifeAttitude: This is the doorway to imperishable life. This attitude develops Amrita; the molecule associated with immortality, and further the second chakra, Svadhisthana, associated with the sexual organs. It is the essence of mastering mastery itself, for the full development of this attitude bequeaths the ability to transform the consciousness of others through the movement of your unbounded consciousness into theirs.

Discriminative knowledge, including the proper use of ruthless compassion, is gained.

“By Samyamah on the apparent succession of the joyful moment of Eternity
is born discriminative knowledge.”
Pada III, sutra 53.

TheWisdomAttitude: The seventh chakra is developed with this Attitude. When one is surrendered to the totality of the embodiment of the Ascendant one gains all-knowingness. One receives the wisdom of the Ascendant in its oneness and its many fragmented parts.

“By Samyamah on the brilliant light at the top of the head,
the vision of the perfected ones.”
Pada III sutra 33.

This technique further stabilizes Unity Consciousness and the graceful support of all the natural laws including the Ishayas, Rishis, and all Ascended Masters. One becomes an open channel of communication with the Higher Soul. One can gain knowledge of the purpose of the soul and understand innate perfect divinity and being-ness of life.

“When discriminative knowledge simultaneously experiences the Eternal Now
in all of creation and every part of creation, that is Deliverance.”
Pada III, Sutra 55.

The quotes featuring Padas and Sutras are all translations by MSI from his book Enlightenment (The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali).

Fortunate are those who recognize the authority of this ancient Teaching and align with it: their lives will change in ways it is difficult even to conceive. Full enlightenment will dawn for them as their age-old habits of compromise and lack of full integrity fall away, and are replaced by the continual moment-by-moment experience of the One Unchanging at the center of their being. A complete life of bliss and Infinite Awareness will dawn for any who effortlessly tread the path of the Ishayas’ Ascension.

And do you know what? Belief is not required. It is absolutely not required. Ascension is a series of mechanical techniques that require no belief to begin or practice. Isn’t that nice?

Techniques that bring about Self-realization are not the same thing as Self-realization. No Castle is worth the price if it means life is divided between good and evil or between life and death. Even the magnificent perfection of the Ishayas’ flawless Science of Ascension is nothing without knowing the Truth underlying it. Gathering up of techniques is the answer for no one. Only direct experience of Reality suffices to free life from death. Only full and complete enlightenment satisfies the life quest of a soul.