Free Introductory Talk

These free lectures are designed to acquaint people with the Art of Ascension by the Ishayas. Teachers discuss the nature of the mind and how this practice works to effortlessly remove stress from the nervous system. It is an opportunity to listen and to ask questions. It is also an opportunity for practicing Ascenders to bring friends and share the experiences with newcomers.

First Sphere Course

During this two-day seminar, participants learn the first four Ascension Attitudes, collectively called the First Sphere. Instruction is alternated with time spent ascending as a group. This gives everyone a chance to practice the new techniques as they learn them, ask questions and receive feedback from the teachers. Registration is required. Cost: $300. Once you complete the course you may review the First Sphere as often as you like, free of charge.

Advanced Ascender Meetings

Here Ascenders have the chance to meet with teachers who can offer advanced techniques or answer questions about the changing experience of life from regular practice of Ascension. These can be arranged through individual teachers. Advanced techniques can be given at this time. There is also a list of helpful hints for Advanced Ascenders HERE. It is helpful to have them as reminders in our individual lives, especially in the increasingly stressful times we live in. Sometimes it is also helpful to check in with teachers as questions arise in your practice.

Advanced Weekends

Advanced Weekend is a new two day course. Saturday is Ascending from 10:00am until 4:00pm including a potluck luncheon. Sunday is from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Lodging is available for some Advanced Weekends, otherwise this course is daytime only.

Retreats & Intensives

This course is recommended for the serious student. Its advanced environment is created to simulate aspects of longer Advanced Retreats and the Teacher Training Program, which encourages one to study the inner Self deeply. With higher guidance, participants can recognize an even greater level of commitment in themselves.

For further questions please EMAIL us, or go to our Find a Teacher page and email / call a teacher nearest you.