commitmentCommitment by MSI

The simplest lessons on Earth often prove the hardest. This is not true because the lessons are inherently difficult; it is true because of the human tendency in the waking state to undermine that which serves growth and expansion. The ego does not want to go silent into that dark night, or at least not until the soul chooses firmly for alignment with the Truth.

This is a desire world. Actions quickly create results here. Whatever you want, what ever you desire to become, Nature acts to create that for you. How does your life transform? By your consistently and with dedication working toward a goal. This is true regardless what your particular goal happens to be. Having you ever wanted something in the physical? A new car, a new boyfriend, a new house, a better job? How did it come to you? Did you work hard to create the means to make it happen? Or did it effortlessly flow to you?

When one is aligned with the invincible forces of Natural Law, desired goals materialize extremely quickly. But if there are contradictory desire streams — desires for two opposing things at the same time — it becomes much more difficult for Nature to fulfill the desires. For example, you might think that you desire an ideal relationship, but if part of your brain is thinking, “Hah, you don’t deserve that. It’s never worked before. No one else has an ideal relationship. How could you possibly be so lucky? Or some other such noise picked up from painful past experience of limitation — then there are split desire streams; fulfilling the desire for an ideal relationship becomes difficult or impossible. If the past was painful, if the parents were toxic or the childhood environment abusive, if there were no role models of a Holy Relationship, then the task of structuring a healthy, evolving relationship probably seems much more difficult, may perhaps appear impossible. So the war continues within the desirer.

Similarly with the desire for health. Everyone has within the inherent capability of being perfectly aligned with perfect health. From excessive abusive habits of thought and body, the native intelligence of the body is overwhelmed. It is not necessary to actively work to be healthy; it is only necessary to stop undermining the body’s natural ability to be healed. Perfect health is our birthright. Disease is a hallucination born from the ego’s sad dreams of failure and fear.

The effect of our thoughts is easily seen in the body. Every thought, every feeling produces biochemical responses throughout the immune system. If we are happy or in love, the body responds by making us healthy. If we are sad or angry, the body responds by making us sick. If we alternate between joy and sadness, the body responds by making us sometimes healthy and sometimes sick. Life can be very long or very short — this is determined by the quality of our thought much more than the quality of the food, air or water that our bodies ingest.

Similarly with the desire for enlightenment. Some say they wish to be enlightened but don’t really believe it is possible. Others attempt for a while to move ahead but are not willing to break the attachments to their beliefs that cripple their expansion into the Infinite One. Still others desire enlightenment for the wrong reasons — to control others, perhaps, or to gain wealth or power. All such will never succeed — God is perfectly willing to out-wait the ego. Even if it takes all of Eternity, the Holy Spirit will patiently wait for a soul to desire reunification with the One. It is not possible to serve two masters. When one realizes that there is a reason for human existence and aligns with that purpose, life becomes supremely simple. Until that day, life is divided between the world and the spirit. And God patiently waits. And waits. And waits. . . .

Human consciousness is sufficiently subtle to impact the Natural Laws that uphold the progression of the Universe. Human desire stirs the waters of the Cosmic Sea; they rise in waves to fulfill our every impulse of thought. This is not commonly observed in the waking state because desires are often opposed — Nature tries to fulfill them but cannot because opposite things are desired — or the desires are so numerous that Nature does not have sufficient time to fulfill them. On the other hand, when we learn to entertain one desire at a time, the time required to fulfill the desire shrinks — and the more consistently one desire is entertained without introducing opposing thoughts, the more quickly it can be fulfilled. One-pointed faith can accomplish anything here on Earth, One purpose of Ascension is to teach the mind the art of desiring one thing at a time.

The most evolved individuals on the Earth today realize that the human race needs to be healed. The Earth cries out in pain from abusive actions by ignorant and controlling people; the invincible forces of Natural Law move to heal the living organism we call Gaia but are seemingly overwhelmed by the excessive destructive desires and actions of our six billion fellow humans. What to do? Enlighten the human race, of course. All the seemingly insurmountable problems of Earth will be healed effortlessly when the human race matures.

When anyone rises to full human consciousness, the only desire remaining is that of the One — to heal humanity, to heal the Earth, to help all living beings learn that the omnipresence of the Ascendant includes everyone. There are no exceptions. Regardless how stressed the past, regardless how self-destructive the behavior patterns or abusive habits, there is not one person that cannot realize the One Ascendant Truth. However deep the hole dug by the past painful beliefs and actions, the One is deeper and bigger. There is nothing that the Ishayas’ Ascension cannot cure. There is no disease, no infirmity of body, mind, heart or soul that cannot be turned to health, joy, clarity and wisdom. There is nothing that can stand in the path of the growth of consciousness, nothing that can even much slow it except human stubbornness.

Whenever a human being chooses for the old self-destructive behavior and thought patterns — the old grooves of limitation and lack — the evolution of life into perfection is slowed. Whenever a human chooses for the Ascending currents of Praise, Gratitude or Love, life progresses with lightning speed into the indescribable beauty of the Divine Presence. There is a choice in every moment for every human. Go with the ego, with judgment, with fear — or align with the Holy Spirit, with innocence, with love. This is the purpose of human free will — to make the one choice that matters here, the one choice that heals, the one choice that is capable of permanently transforming a life to perfection and joy.

This choice is so much easier to make than is commonly believed. There is no difficulty in being enlightened; there is no problem that is so large the Infinite cannot heal it or solve it; there is nothing that can stand in the way of the dawn of perfection other than refusing to make the one choice that matters. When any human sees this choice clearly, it becomes absurdly easy to make it. Then the human ceases to be human and becomes divine.

Some of the questions that assist in this transformation are these: Where am I compromising in my life? Where am I allowing my past beliefs of limitation to influence my life right now? Why do I believe I am a limited being, subject to illness, suffering and death? Why do I deny my birthright to sing with the angels and dance with the gods? Who am I?

The simplicity of growth of consciousness revolves around the sun of commitment. When one is committed (and the commitment could be to anything), all of Natural Law aligns to bring fulfillment to the commitment. Nature abhors vacillation. If Natural Law vacillated, life would be impossible. Natural Law is forever committed and utterly consistent. Thus life plays across the pages of Eternity.

Equally consistent is the Teaching of the Ishayas, the ministers to humankind of full human consciousness, perfect health, flawless wisdom and unending joy.

If any of you have the good fortune to see anyone who attended the 17-day Intensive here at our Academy and is visiting home briefly before the beginning of Teacher-training to wrap up loose ends, you might enjoy asking about the commitment and dedication and ruthlessness that was experienced here in North Carolina. We as Ishayas have a mission to fulfill — we desire the human race to be fulfilled; we desire that the entire Earth rise in full enlightenment and immortality. We have no other purpose, no other desire, no other meaning. The eighty-one Course participants on the 17-day Intensive here have had the opportunity to see this firsthand. I suspect you might find their stories entertaining.

Once one makes the transition to commitment, all of life transforms to support. Experiences deepen and clarify, the ability to perceive and know naturally follows. From time to time, people come to us and say, “I will commit as soon as I experience.” Life works rather in the opposite direction. Experiences deepen and clarify as soon as commitment is made; the ability to perceive and know is a natural by-product of flawless commitment to the Truth.

This upside-down thinking is simply another version of the old story, “Show me a miracle, then I will believe.” Reality is forever disdainful of such approaches from the ego. Miracles follow one-pointed faith; one-pointed faith does not follow miracles. Life is a great deal simpler than the waking state commonly believes. It is not difficult to perform miracles; in fact, it is perfectly easy. Commitment comes first; everything else naturally follows.

Or, if this concept is simply too foreign to you, take the opposite approach: be careful, don’t commit yet, or at least not completely. But be willing to allow at least this much leeway into your life: stay open, watch, see what is going to happen. Bee innocent enough to see the miraculous transformations of life occurring around you in every moment. This entire Teaching of Ascension is nothing other than a miracle. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished by one-pointed faith; there is nothing we will not do in order to heal the Earth. Stay tuned and watch. Miracles abound around this Teaching. Don’t close your heart off to it, and see what will happen. You will be amazed.

“Your holiness reverses all the laws of the world. It is beyond every restriction of time,
space, distance and limits of any kind.”

— A Course In Miracles