The Ishayas’ Ascension by MSI


High in one of the most secluded valleys of the Himalayas lies one of the greatest wonders of any age: the garden-valley Vashti, preserved still from the changing world. Vashti was founded long before humans first came to our world by the Lord of Etan, Ishtar. After Etan was destroyed by the Asur Emperor Valin, Ishtar led several hundred of his immortal brothers and sisters here to Earth, playing his architectural skills to the maximum, he converted our entire planet into a garden hoping to recreate the glory of Etan on a world-wide scale.

Time destroys all ambitions, great and small. Control, even of the most beneficial kind, is eventually resented: by the time the Asur Emperor fell before the armies of the One, the Garden had been deserted by all but a handful of Ishtar’s closest friends. Vashti is today all that remains of his exquisite work

Vashti is in a highly volcanic region of the Himalayas. Because of the many hot springs and boiling lakes in the valley, the climate is forever mild, even tropical in the lower regions. Vashti has been a favorite dwelling place for the enlightened of this world for millions of years: the Seven deathless ministers to humanity —Virgula, Maitreya, Rodavi, Joab, Atri, Matri, Brihas— have always made their home there for millennia; Babaji consistently chooses Vashti as one of his favorite winter haunts. The ancient ET friends of the humans, the dragon race known as the Vidyadharai, have known and used Vashti regularly and still visit there from time to time. The Solar Race too, occasionally stop by Earth to experience this last remnant of their brother’s supernal work.

Most importantly, Vashti is home to the one hundred and eight Ascended Masters known as the Ishayas. The Ishayas are an ancient order of deathless monks, funded a quarter million years ago when the human race returned to Earth. The primary function of the Ishayas is to hold a series of techniques, known as Ascension Attitudes, in purity for the human race, keep them secret whenever required, release them whenever appropriate.


Two thousand years ago, Isha-ben-Joseph, Jesus the Christ, spent seven years in Vashti, learning of his own Ascended status. His intent was to bring the full knowledge of the Ascension Teachings back to the world from the Ishayas, but the depths of ignorance in the West made his victory partial. Realizing that the darkness in the heart of the human race was too great for Ascension to succeed at the time, he ordered his closest disciple, John, to return to Vashti and help preserve the Ascension Teachings until the world would be receptive to them.

The apostle John taught pre-Pauline Christianity (which was identical to Ascension) throughout the Mediterranean world as long as Mary lived — the second great charge given him by his Master was to care for her. After she died he began making plans to take a few of his closest followers and follow his Teacher’s original steps back to Vashti.

It took him some time to succeed-the turbulent decay of the Roman Empire kept tripping him up. Just as he was leaving on his final journey there, in AD 95, he was captured by the Romans and banished to the small Aegean island of Patmos by the Emperor Domitian. This final delay proved productive of a great good: a series of intense visions in a cave on Patmos inspired John to write his Apocalypse.

In AD 96, Domitian was murdered by his wife; all political prisoners were freed. John returned to Ephesus in Asia Minor-the same Ephesus where he had laid Mary to rest some years earlier-left Revelation with his disciple Prochorus to be published throughout the Roman world, gathered up a few of his most advanced students, and promptly dropped out of recorded history.

It is never an easy journey to Vashti. Even with Christ’s detailed instructions, the terrors of the world in those days made a journey of such magnitude difficult in the extreme. Of the twelve who set out with the Apostle, only three arrived with him in Vashti. John was welcomed by the Seven and by the Ishayas as an equal, as a brother; together they charted a plan for the healing of the Earth.

Like good parents, the Ishayas have saved the best Teaching until the last. They have nurtured the human race for countless ages, as our consciousness has gradually matured. Today, in the last decade of the second millennium after Isha’s life, the consensus among the Ishayas is that the time has come to release complete knowledge of the Teaching of Ascension again to the human race.

Three Attempts to heal the Human Race

This is not the first time this experiment has been tried. Isha (Christ) possessed full knowledge of this Teaching and originally felt that the Jewish race would be the ideal tool to preserve it in its purity and bring it out to the world. The intense ignorance of the Roman world betrayed his intent, transmuted his contribution into a living example of perfect, unconditional love. This was not bad; his example has continued to transform the human race, teaching the primacy of love — but it was not his full desire.

Maharishi Patanjali himself and Ishaya, knew this Teaching fully and described the effects of it clearly in his Yoga Sutras. About five thousand years ago, along with Patanjali, a large number of Ishayas descended from Vashti to see if the world at the time could handle the full teaching of Ascension. The effect then was rather other than hoped; the expansion of military power in the warriors outstripped the expansion of consciousness in the priests. The resultant Mahabharata War effectively ended civilization for the next five millennia.

The next previous global experiment in releasing this Teaching coincided with the fall of what we today call Atlantis, some twenty-five thousand years ago. Again the human race’s desire to control and manipulate the world was larger than the desire to surrender completely in innocence.

Thus the attempts to bring this Teaching out of seclusion have been increasing in frequency for the past twenty-five thousand years. This is true since the human race, in spite of many appearances to the contrary, is maturing. The age prophesied by every significant ancient civilization in the history of the Earth is at hand. We stand on the threshold of immortality and full enlightenment for the entire human race, not just some isolated part. The Ishayas know this full well, they know also that their Teaching of Ascension is the shortest and quickest means to bring this transformation about; thus they have ordered this Teaching into the world.

One Hundred Enlightened Teachers

The hundred Teachers of the Ishayas’ Ascension I have personally trained have learned, based on their own personal experience, that the four higher states of consciousness described by Patanjali are real. The six-month Teacher-Training program (which is primarily devoted to as many hours a day possible spent Ascending) has universally given the experience of the first degree of enlightenment, Perpetual consciousness, within two and a half months.

This may sound utterly astounding to those who have followed difficult or rigorous meditative practices or who have believed faulty translations of the texts of enlightenment such as the Yoga Sutras. Nevertheless, this has been the experience of every single course participant on the Teacher Training Program.

The simple truth is that it is not difficult to gain enlightenment. It is, in fact, perfectly easy. Once one has a valid tool for Ascending, all that is required is the willingness to give up all the false constructs of the individual ego. Enlightenment is not a far-off super-state reserved for a fortunate few. On the contrary, enlightenment is the birthright of every single human on the Earth. Since this is true, it is not difficult to realize it. In fact, it is difficult not to realize it! It takes a tremendous amount of spiritual energy to hold back the Infinite One. This is what ages us, this is what sickens us, this is what makes us sleep so much at night and e so partially awake during the days. Holding back the Ascendant One is like trying to keep a dam from bursting with a single hand. It is impossible. The effort, continued long enough, kills.

Evolution on Earth is accelerating at an ever-increasing rate. The vibratory rate of our world is changing upward so quickly now that there is a real danger large numbers will fail to make this transition. The Ishayas believe that it is our obligation as human beings to do whatever we can to enable as many as possible to negotiate this global shift in awareness successfully. This should not be considered a burden; it is a joyous movement upward into the light; every step forward on this path is not only great good fortune for every individual but a large upsurge in the life for the world’s billions.

We have a little time left, a decade or two for most of us, before this transition will be complete. It is time for all the co-workers for peace, all leaders everywhere to drop their surface and petty differences and unite with one voice of understanding and Praise for the source of all that is. The simple guiding principle here is this; if we are sowing division, preaching destruction, seeking or finding evil in the world (even if we are looking for it with the intention of removing it!), then we are part of the problem, not the cure.

It may seem possible for a short time longer to oppose the great transformation that is rapidly building in this world. But this is appearance merely. And even that appearance is going to change. Those who desire to oppose Cosmic Intelligence will soon-very soon-be no longer found on the Earth. Everyone will either consciously or unconsciously act in perfect harmony with Universal Mind. Those who would oppose the Holy Spirit will either change or simply cease to be here. That is our future. And the good news is that anyone’s inner realization helps change the destiny of everyone else.

Some of us have already remembered that we are multi-dimensional beings. We, living on the Earth, are opened to Universal Mind. The Voice of the Universe speaks through us. Desire to serve our fellow wanderers is the natural by-product of our enlightenment. Our perennial task is to help everyone discover Universal Mind within. But words are limited, finite tools; our proper subject is the Unlimited, the Infinite, a subject that lies forever far beyond the ability of language to describe or communicate. Writing or reading or listening to lectures does not expand consciousness; this happens only through direct, personal experience. Hence, this article is short. But the invitation is long.

Security, peace, happiness, health and love await those who learn the Ishayas ’Ascension techniques. You may already have recognized in your heart that this offer is for you. But it may take you some more time, or perhaps some further exchange of energy of knowledge between us, before your conscious mind understands your heart’s choice. For those of you sailing in that boat, I have written five books; they are designed to help your rational mind learn what your heart already knows full well. Take what you will from those storehouses, drink as deeply as you care from the wellsprings there, and then if we are not to meet again, go your own way with the blessings of the Ishayas’ Ascension upon your heart.

Printed in the May 1997 issue of the Sedona Journal