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The Divine Feminine by Aramati Ishaya

Return of the Goddess is a phraseology often used in recent years by metaphysicians and philosophers to describe a phenomena occurring now, yet long overdue for my part. Our teacher, MSI addressed this just that way in an article included on our site.

Mythological references abound through the ages noting the importance of the archetype of feminine energy. As well, historically to present, we have seen the trend lines increase in awareness of an ignored, maligned, and often suppressed part of our psyche. Joseph Campbell addressed this pointedly in his writings. It seems that collectively we are more aware of the importance of balance in the life forces we call Universal Energetics.

Whatever you choose to name this flow from Source into creation i.e.; (divine mother, creative, irrational, nurturing, intuitive, Sophia, photon belt, holistic, the various Marys, healer, birther, wisdom- keeper, lunar, heroine, or Womb of Man), the fact is that it is a necessary part of the force that Ishayas call Compassion in our practice.

What we imply here is action in response to a direct experience of the One Source of all that is, hard wires neurons to complete the circuit boards for physical expression of Unity Consciousness. In various ages this is called Christ consciousness, enlightenment, peace that passes understanding, naming the unnamable, samadhi.

Compassionate living flows like a river into created world, freely and without effort from an untiring and unstoppable Supportive Power. It fountains and showers as a natural phenomena; it can only be suppressed temporarily without disruption of Divine Plan. Subject to Universal Laws, resistance to this natural flow is futile. It will balance itself. This is not punishment, pain or suffering; it is natural law at work. Karma is simply repetitive choice from unconsciousness. Hopefully, if you have intention and focus, you begin to notice more and more often where you have resistance. When this occurs, you have a choice to let go and get out of the way. Nature is such a grand teacher for this. Perhaps this is why we feel so very comfortable in verdant pastures and beside still trickling waters, or walking on the beach listening to the natural rhythm of the waves rolling to shore.   When you are able to feel just as peaceful with gale force winds, forest fires, tsunamis, and earthquakes, you are onto what we are speaking about.

Nature understands the importance of purification; it works like a cool azure flame burning that, which no longer serves harmony and balance. The light of perfection and Holiness of life is subject to nothing other than your perception of it.

When that is purified, you see with the clarity of Sages. From the single eye of the One Source of all, everything, every choice, everyone is allowed and adored just because it exists…no conditions, no judgments, no exceptions. Science has proven that energy cannot be destroyed; it simply changes form. We can tell you that at every level of creation this edict is so, body, mind, spirit, soul…all of creation without exception, if it appears otherwise it is misunderstanding only.

So what does all this have to do with the Feminine Balance of Power? In the First Sphere of the Ishayas Ascension teaching we speak of the right hemisphere of the brain Ascending on The Four Emotions: these emotions address the root of all misperception and are Praise (simply appreciation or awareness itself), Gratitude (expressing thankfulness), Love (pure energy flowing freely from source) and finally, that Emotion fostered from the three gone before, Compassion (the conscious choice of non resistance). It is the right hemisphere that enshrines the feminine qualities to which we all have proclivity. This built in directive can be counted on to move us upward, northbound, back to Source…it is our GPS system that knows where Home is, always. This is why we start with the feminine part of our engine.

That sense of homesickness causes a sense of separation in all aspects of creation. Our hearts search for the perfect partner, the right place to live, the best job, the proper clothes, an ideal body, a righteous diet to attain that body … on and on we go, looking to the objective world attempting to fill the gap of a heart that is seeking the Source of all creation and not feeling fulfilled until it finds that alone. It will never happen from the outside in, it simply does not work this way, never has, never will. So the divine feminine is our guidance system. She takes us, powered by Divine Masculine, the left hemisphere, looking for the AWESOME experience of life in a holistic journey to home. This concept we call star word so you can personalize your journey. You call it what you will to name this great Presence.

When we seem absent the pure and constant experience of this Home, we feel heart sick, alone, cut off, missing, lost. We scramble around accepting and believing “what is not” instead of the absolute “what is”.

Truth is Universal, if it is true for one it is true for all. Opinion is not truth; it is simply stating your perspective. In Ascension we speak of Patanjali’s notion of Advaita Vedanta. Literally: “at the end of the Vedas – the study of not two.” There is profundity there.

Could it be the very pain and suffering we curse is the very drive necessary to cause us to pay attention and make a different choice? This is surely how it worked for me. My path was difficult by my own hand, my stubborn resistance was a rocky road, but it also served to keep me going until Home was re-discovered. Where did it go? Nowhere! It was a simple course correction. My awareness had to shift. To know Self is the journey that duplicates the desire of One Source to Expand awareness of all that is. When you touch the Peace of allowing the journey for Self and all mankind, as does Source … everything changes.

The order changes, unconscious choice no longer paints your canvas. The mind is the master and the body is the servant. Wherever you point your individuated awareness focused from Source, it will unfold more understanding, it must be so. Here we utilize another Universal Law, what you focus on grows. How do we know this? Many Masters have descended the dimensions of reality and became great teachers to humanity in our times of darkness. It is unfortunate that we chose to set up religions around them and worship their form and personality instead of their always-singular wisdom. Fortunately for those who must see for themselves, science has come along way to assisting proof of a Source of all energy and Creation. Because enlightenment is subjective it is often misunderstood in both the East and West. We have tried to package something that cannot be. It is a sovereign design that cannot be replicated. But as the great teacher Isha said, “ These and greater things you will do”, as “My father and I are ONE”.

What if we collectively created this entire Universe as a mirror for the sake of Knowing Self? What if my projections onto the mirror are for greater understanding of first the Self observing; and secondly the connection of Self to Source to serve collective Soul?

The preponderance of the mathematics of Pi (π) that has surfaced in various medias lately brought deeper understanding of how Science and Spirit are in fact the same.

Consider if you will; Pi is a constant ratio and represents the relationship of the radius of a circle to its circumference. Its numerical expression is 3.14159 to an infinite un-repetitive mystery. It can be used to calculate all manner of geometric, algebraic, and higher math equations. It is irrational (cannot be expressed as a ratio of 2 integers). It is transcendental, means that it is not possible to square the circle. It’s form is a perfect sphere. IS it a coincidence these same expressions exist in Vedic and western psychology?

Super computers have taken those infinite numbers to 10 trillion digits and have still found no repetition. So are they random or is everything in creation based on this Pi formula and identified within the circumference? Will you find your numbers there?

Science proves that if even one number is deleted, the ratio does not hold up; the form breaks down. It is an immortal symbol and mathematical statement of Perfection. No matter the distance from center point, the relationship is constant. These questions are great fodder for the left-brain. What a great ride down the rabbit hole!

Our conclusion: without every one of you, this sphere of demonstration would be imperfect. With your assistance, focus, desire for communion, and intention we have traveled beyond time and space and all expectation. Science and Spirit are just differing languages that tell the same tale. How grand it is to be here for the greatest unfolding ever observed from above to below and back again. Observing the Self Purifying azure blue sphere we call home balance, harmonize, embrace and shift is the greatest blessing Consciousness has to offer. Mother Gaia instructs her offspring in the process of growing up, leaving the nest, and flying free.

Come join us, live beyond the gunas (the Universal Forces of nature) and Witness Atonement. We found the way HOME. Now – the science of union. “I am that, all this is that, there is none other than that.”

Dedicated to MSI, my beloved teacher, and all the Ishayas each an invaluable part of the awakening.


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